Corporate Profile

We provide for the enriched social living and healthy lifestyles of our customers

Takamitsu Ikeno Chairman and Representative Director Hideharu Mizuno President and Representative Director

In order to provide "health support" and "support for a thriving society" through medical treatment and social welfare services, we are strengthening ties with medical institutions and elderly care businesses, pursuing increased specialization, and aiming to become a drug store with a dispensing pharmacy that is attuned to the needs of elderly care and regional medicine.

In order to respond to the diversified needs of its customers, the Welcia Group (the Group) has based its operations on the concept of being a "Kakaritsuke Yakkyoku" with a business model focusing on "drug store with dispensing pharmacy, cosmetics counseling, and opening until midnight." We have been building up a dominant position in the Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu and Kinki regions, and promoting multi-store development.

Company Overview

Company Name Welcia Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established September 2008
Paid-in-Capital 7,736,416,000 yen
Business Description Business management of subsidiaries and
group companies that run chain drug stores
with dispensing pharmacy


Chairman and Representative Director Takamitsu Ikeno Vice Chairman Yuji Miyashita
President and Representative Director Hideharu Mizuno Vice President and Director Tadahisa Matsumoto
Managing Directors Norimasa Sato Managing Director Corporate officer
Juichi Nakamura
Directors Motoya Okada Directors Toru Takenaka
Directors Yukari Narita Corporate Auditors Toshio Miyamoto
Corporate Auditors Tetsuo Imoto Corporate Auditors Hajime Matsuda
Corporate Auditors Hirohisa Kagami Corporate Auditors Nobuo Hitomi